Yes, I have fictional characters that make me feel happy and safe. And yes, I kin some of them. I'm so sorry about it! Come back another day if this bothers you.

Crona Gorgon | Soul Eater (kin)

Wow there Tina, you're telling me you kin a depressed mf who has been manipulated by their mom for all of their life? Well yes I do. But for very different reasons. I do not have depression, nor I have horrible parents (quite the opposite, actually!), but after seeing how this character thinks, how they react to certain things, such as new people, certain tough situations, and overall, the way they behave, I ended up relating to Crona much more than I initially thought. The fact that their gender has never been officially revealed or mentioned (making them technically a gender neutral character) also contributed to me relating to this character a lot.

Nikki | Swapnote/Swapdoodle (kin)

My very first kin! Nikki has been a character who has accompanied me since I was a child, sending letters with my 3DS. There's something about their personality that I adore, and like she always says: I'm always here to help!. A lot of people who have known me since 2020 probably associate me with her, since my online avatar used to be based on an edit I made of her, replacing the green color in her jacket with the trans flag.

Ika Musume | Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Kin)

[I don't have a proper drawing of her, sorry!]

I could say Ika Musume hasn't been an important part of my life. And I'd be lying to you in front of your face. Not only Shinryaku! Ika Musume has been my very first anime EVER, it also is, and has always been, my favorite of all time. Sure, it's not perfect, but I love every character in here and their really funny interactions. And most importantly, Ika Musume is a really charming character that has invaded (heh) my heart since the beggining. Even my ripping channel is themed around her! I still need to read the manga, though...

Akko | Little Witch Academia (kin)

[I don't have a proper drawing of her, sorry!]

With how dumb and lesbian Akko is, it was impossible for me to not kin her. But that doesn't stop there. I absolutely relate to the way she has trouble following the other student's pace, how everything is much harder for her, and how clusmy she is. Such a heartwarming character, I'd protect her with my life

Sorbet Shark Cookie | Cookie Run

Cookie Run has been one of my recent hyperfixations, and it introduced me to this character, which I adore! And just like Crona, the game treats them in a gender neutral way (it only refers to Sorbet Shark with they/them pronouns exclusively), so that's another NB comfort character to add to the list! o0o0O0o0o0Oo!

Rumia | Touhou Project

I have to thank my girlfriend for introducing me to the whole Touhou Project series! I might not play the games a lot (or at all, at this point), but I've always been amazed by the lore, the music, and its characters! So many cool designs that I adore, but Rumia happens to be one of my favorite. She's so cute! Look at her! I'd say she's underrated, but the recent touhou popularity poll (mid-2021) showed me the oppposite. Oh well!

Suwako | Touhou Project

[I don't have a proper drawing of her, sorry!]

Just like Rumia, Suwako is one of my favorite touhou girls. Her design is super duper cute, and I love frogs! I don't have much else to say about her, heh