On 2023-12-24 00:29:17.046468 by tv kid

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! i love ur site! frogz rule ^^

On 2023-10-01 10:40:10.418711 by violet

loved your pigstep rip on timmy turner's granddad

On 2023-09-08 11:50:42.919898 by Caramel64

@ristarite gal looks like sekibanki from touhou

On 2023-09-08 11:50:22.167277 by Caramel64

@enn thats so cool!!! we can be frog pals hehe

On 2023-09-07 22:23:21.086326 by enn

lovely awesome!!! frogs are so cool

On 2023-08-09 22:57:45.673768 by Anonymous

@crinelam, ribbit!!

On 2023-08-09 22:37:50.059040 by crinelam

I love your site!! I love frogs too!!!!

On 2023-07-14 22:18:54.421722 by Sofly

The album said to come here after it finished, so here i am!

On 2023-07-14 22:16:09.143133 by Anonymous

peepee poopoo

On 2023-07-08 17:36:54.395211 by amytharipper

hi!!! :3

On 2023-07-06 22:27:12.339529 by some random commenter

hellooooooo!!!! x33333333

On 2023-06-30 09:45:07.414695 by partiizanne

astounding!! incredible!!

On 2023-06-19 04:08:07.414189 by ristarite

cool website #readtsukihime

On 2023-05-15 03:11:51.446200 by coolbeans

@ALPHA KILLJOY, true dat fr fax

On 2023-04-28 17:51:08.521021 by Una Usuaria Para Nada Sospechosa

Hola profesor ponme un diez jejej

On 2023-04-07 22:23:45.661555 by alis (alissocool)

hi hi your site is so cool!!!!! i'm not done looking through it but i'm already having so much fun :D anyway have a good day!

On 2023-03-23 21:48:46.645994 by ALPHA KILLJOY


On 2023-03-08 19:51:45.851953 by Sofly

Preemptively saying that this one's a banger

On 2023-03-04 03:45:34.501351 by GoldM

Super hyper ultra swag

On 2023-01-23 23:27:33.434447 by Anonymous


On 2023-01-10 22:43:39.105132 by fg66

Cute site! The frog shrine is now my favorite place on the internet